September 16, 2016
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Massachusetts Institute for a New Commonwealth (aka MassINC) is an independent think tank uniting non-partisan research, civic journalism and independent polling.  Their mission is to expand and support Massachusetts’ middle class through smart policy reforms.

One of the challenges for MassINC leadership was that they are the parent organization for other projects which enjoy greater public visibility, including the MassINC Polling Group, which gets regular press mentions regionally and nationally. Many people who had visited their website had trouble understanding the relationship between MassINC and its child entities, and it was impacting MassINC’s ability to fundraise.

To solve this information gap, we built their homepage as a portal for the three major branches of the organization, as well as a place to dive directly into the work of these branches using a single stream of posts of their impactful work on the one hand, but tags giving credit to each respective entity.

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