September 26, 2016
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    Campus Compact
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    We have been working hard to communicate to our audiences that we are a rejuvenated organization, rapidly moving forward in pursuit of our mission. From the feedback we have received from constituents, we know that Viv's web design has been a crucial element in our success in achieving that communications goal.|Andrew Seligsohn, President
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    Easy Categorization and Tagging|Filterable Resource Library|Microsite builder|Custom Logo and Identity Designs|Newsletter Sign Up|Staff Training|Responsive Layout

In 1985 a group of college presidents banded together to support volunteerism and civic engagement on their campuses; they named their collaboration Campus Compact. Over the last 30 years, this network has grown to over 1,000 college campuses, and the process of building student civic engagement has become institutionalized. Campus Compact now incorporates 33 regional and state affiliates that support college and university efforts to “build community and educate citizens.”

We had the honor of redesigning the National Campus Compact website as well as building a template for their regional and state affiliate sites (see an example at

For Campus Compact, we were challenged to explain a complex organization clearly and concisely. We also had to design a site that would serve diverse audiences: from college students, to university presidents, and to philanthropic organizations looking to make the best investments in order to impact social change. With their new site, Campus Compact is now able to flow many types of content both onto their homepage and into a new resource library with ease and efficiency. Their resource library is a particularly valuable addition to their web presence, but was hard-won. We converted a hodgepodge of long pages of links into a searchable, sortable database with over 4,000 program models, toolkits, and course materials, which will empower campuses to learn from each other and cooperatively build civic engagement in their student body. We have also built a site for their 30th Anniversary Conference.

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