November 1, 2015
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    Devereux for Council
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    In 2015 I hired the team at Viv Web Solutions to build a website and online donation platform for my campaign for Cambridge City Council. I got many compliments on the site's design, and I think having such an eye-catching and professional looking site was a big part of what made me successful as a first-time candidate. After I took office in 2016 I hired Viv Web Solutions to launch an online forum to engage with constituents on local issues. In each case the team has been highly responsive, professional, and pleasant to work with, and the results speak for themselves.|Jan Devereux, Cambridge City Councillor

Jan Devereux was the only non-incumbent to win one of the nine city council positions in the 2015 Cambridge election.

Councillor Devereux reported to us that the Viv-designed “eye-catching and professional looking site was a big part of what made me successful as a first-time candidate.” We wager that it was also her willingness to share her vision and plans for the city in a forthright, compelling way that led her on the path to success. She used the website as a platform for communicating strong ideas for moving the city forward. We were honored to be chosen to build her web presence, because she had been a marketer and blogger before she was a candidate for city council.

As a lively, visual emblem of the Councillor’s core message, the site features an elegant, simple design. We are also proud to say that it came to fruition in close collaboration with Jan, on a tight budget and timeline. The real technical hurdle on the site build was to integrate the NGP VAN campaign management system. For other agencies this would be an insurmountable issue, by virtue of ViV’s deep WordPress expertise and in-house API experience, we  were able to do it with unmatched efficiency.

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