September 19, 2012
  • Client:
    Dr. Krisztina Bukur-Doczy
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  • Client Testimonial:
    The webpage is fantastic, very clean in style and we get a lot of comments about how easy it is to navigate. The patients asked us many times who designed it and professional colleagues like the setup and it is easy to find information. | Dr. Krisztina Bukur-Doczy
  • Services Used:
    Content Management System (CMS) |Copywriting and editing |Custom Branding |Portrait Photography |Stock Photo Search and Acquisition |Business cards and letterhead |Brochure design

Newton Pediatrics is a recently-launched full-service pediatrics office located in the heart of Newton Centre working with the “medical home” model of care.

A doctor’s character and professionalism are under constant scrutiny, and therefore a doctor’s website should aim to be impeccable. Doctor Krisztina Bukur-Doczy is not only a doctor but is also a researcher at the forefront of her field. She asked us for a website with which she could share her valuable knowledge and experience with her clients.

In addition to being helpful for current and prospective patients, frequently-updated informational content also helps to place the site higher in search engine results. We brought Debra S. in on the project to help make the website’s extensive writing more accessible to Doctor Bukur-Doczy’s audience—parents in the Boston Metro-West area. An extensive logo development process allowed us to build a brand identity that is equally appealing to parents and kids alike.

Launching a private practice can be a daunting task, and Debra S. has continued to work with Newton Pediatrics on their overall communications strategy.

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