September 20, 2012
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    David Pastor, Esq.
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    One of my biggest concerns going into the web redesign process was the amount of work I would have to do – you can have the best web designer in the world, but you are the only one who really knows your business and can describe it better than anyone else can. But this process was surprisingly smooth, and Kalman made it easier than I thought it could be. Throughout our communication, the questions Kalman asked about my firm’s practice and the audience for our website demonstrated to me an ability to grasp things quickly and zero in on the essential elements of an effective site. Comments from our business colleagues and others have been uniformly positive. |David Pastor, Esq
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    Content Management System (CMS) |Sortable and Searchable Case Database |Copywriting and editing |Custom Branding |Portrait Photography |Building/Setting Photography |Stock Photo Search and Acquisition |Newsletter Signup |Online Advertising Writing |Online Advertising Setup and Maintenance

Pastor Law Office specializes in Class Action litigation. Class Action lawsuits enable individuals, investors and businesses with relatively small but similar claims to join together in one lawsuit. These cases can be highly complex, yet the plaintiffs are often ordinary citizens without huge financial stakes in the outcome. The site is tasked with the tough job of explaining class action law to a lay audience and also demonstrating Pastor Law Office’s unique strengths to colleagues in the legal profession.

Class action law isn’t easy to understand, but we took on the challenge to make a site for Pastor Law Office that clearly explains each of the firm’s practice areas. Karen B. helped write the site in a way that breathes life into what can otherwise be a dry topic. A clean, elegant design keeps the viewer focused on content, projecting the professionalism and authority this field requires.

A class action lawyer needs to be experienced in the traditions and conventions of law while also keeping abreast of social and technological trends. To reflect this, the site is in many ways traditional, yet modern and contemporary in others. For example, the logo we designed for Pastor Law Office has a very traditional look, while the large photographs and subtle textures employed throughout the site are fresh and contemporary.

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