November 5, 2016
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    eCare Vault
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    “Kalman listened to our needs and wants and was able to produce the site we wanted. He was very responsive during the process and we even ended ahead of our original timeline! This helped us get out info to our investors during fundraising, which made a big difference. Kalman asked great questions to help drive our content. He understood well who our customers were, what we wanted to convey, and our ultimate goal for the site. | Aparna Rao, Founder and CEO
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    Content Management System (CMS) |Copywriting and editing |Photo purchasing |Responsive Layout

There is currently many obstacles to fluid communication between educators and health professionals, namely regulations that require permission from parents for sharing of any information about a child. eCare Vault allows teachers, tutors, child-psychologists and other professionals working with a child to communicate with each other fluidly under a secure platform, where the parent has control.

We were brought in to help eCare Vault market their SAS software. We quickly saw that the benefits of the software varied greatly depending on the audience type. Teachers, Health Care Professionals and other Childcare Professionals would all see the software from a different perspective, so it was strategic to ask them to identify themselves, so we could speak to their perspective. For each audience type we showcase both benefits of the platform and multiple testimonials that help people quickly understand the benefits of the software.

Our aesthetic decisions needed to also create a bridge between and be appropriate to all the audience types that may visit the site. We decided that the emotion of wanting to protect and help children would be universal to all of the visitors, and that we would do well by showing kids in action and bright colors that complement that exuberance. By using a typeface that is slightly techie and a clean layout we communicate a no-nonsense tone that conveys that the software is secure AND easy to use. We further communicate the ease of use by showing off the actual screenshots of the software on different devices.

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